LCAD Recruitment

Branding / Presentations / Print

Every two years, recruitment materials are created to draw prospective students to attend Laguna College of Art + Design. Used by the admissions team, the materials highlight the college’s programs, environment, culture and faculty as well as inform its user to all the necessary information needed to attend the college.

Tasked with developing the 2019-2020 materials, a wide variety of collateral was designed to have a unified concept that falls within LCAD brand. Working in collaboration with the admissions team, the undergrad viewbook was designed to be to cornerstone of the materials. Highlighting the uniqueness of being a LCAD student and artwork created by students was a icential to differentiate from other art schools. 

A uniform look was established for every additional recruitment piece, including: brochures, information sheets, class presentations, social media graphics, advertising, and campus banners.